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Sinkov Internet CAFE  
is one of the City's most successful independent Internet cafes…

We offer Internet access to people of all ages - from beginners to expert users, our staff can help you with all services we offer.

At SINKOV Internet CAFE you can surf the Internet with no restrictions or limitations (there are also no age limitations). We have an extremely fast connection no long waiting for pages to download, our line SPEED IS 10meg.

All e-mail provider here

Our Internet conection gives you the best in speed to use all email service providers.

10 Printers for all printing

We can help you with all office related printing services, its a total of  10 light /heavy duty printers.

All MicroSoft Office

Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Publisher, Access, etc. All available for you…

Sinkov Internet Cafe

Glamour Beauty House T/A

SINKOV Internet CAFE has 29 multimedia PCs with 19 inch monitors. You are welcome to open an account and start saving money, your unused time is kept for one year.